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250 years ago the power of Law failed. The world-spanning Holy Empire blew apart, and the forces of Chaos and Evil surged across the globe.

Within 20 years, only ruins left testament to an empire that had lasted for over 800 years.

However, there were some bastions that withstood the wave of Chaos. The Monastery at Eloch is one of them. It stood before the Empire as one of the most renowned schools of wizardry in the world. As Chaos waned, and wizards lost their power, it was taken over by the Church, and converted to a monastery.

The monks were charged with both guarding and protecting knowledge of magic – so it could be used again, when Chaos would inevitably return.

The Monastery is now home to priests, wizards, monks, and adventurers; as well as craftsmen of all types. The extensive library has all the knowledge of the fallen Empire. The skills of its inhabitants are the coin the people of Monastery trade with their neighbors.

Adventurers explore and scavenge ruins; escort artisans and craftsmen working in nearby villages; protect the Monastery and villages from monsters; provide education and entertainment in villages; etc.

This is a DnD 3.5-based campaign. The magic system is imported from d20 Slayers, along with some other ideas, but the spells are mostly from DnD 3.5.

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